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Lot number: 32104

Price realized: 32,000 USD   (Approx. 32,061 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Gaius (Caligula) (AD 37-41), with Divus Augustus (or Tiberius). AV aureus (19mm, 7.88 gm, 6h). NGC Fine 4/5 - 1/5, test cut. Rome, AD 37-38. C CAESAR•AVG•GERM•P•M•TR•POT•, laureate head of Caligula right / DIVVS AVG-PATER PATRIAE, radiate head of Augustus right. Calicó 332. RIC I 15 (Rome). For this type, RIC distinguishes between Rome and Lugdunum mints by bust type of Gaius. Although he is laureate here, consensus among most dealers and Calicó is that this coin was minted in Lugdunum. Nicely centered obverse with areas of bright luster. "Test cut" on obverse likely a form of damnatio memoriae.

From the Historical Scholar Collection. Ex Freeman and Sear, private sale with old dealer tag



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Estimate: 5000-7000 USD