Tauler & Fau > Auction 113Auction date: 28 June 2022
Lot number: 1106

Price realized: 180 EUR   (Approx. 189 USD)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Junius. M. Junius Silanus. Denarius. 145 BC. Auxiliary mint of Rome. (Ffc-778). (Craw-220/1). (Cal-860). Anv.: Head of Roma right, X below chin, ass's head behind. Rev.: The Dioscuri right, stars above, M.IVNI., below horses, ROMA in exergue. Ag. 3,86 g. Slight old cabinet tone. Almost XF/AU. Est...200,00.

Spanish DescriptionJunia. M. Junius Silanus. Denario. 145 a.C. Taller Auxiliar de Roma. (Ffc-778). (Craw-220/1). (Cal-860). Anv.: Cabeza de Roma a derecha, delante: X, detrás: cabeza de asno. Rev.: Los Dioscuros a caballos derecha, encima: estrellas,debajo: M.IVNI., en el exergo: ROMA, en tablilla. Ag. 3,86 g. Ligero tono de monetario. EBC-/EBC+. Est...200,00.
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