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Lot number: 1314

Price realized: 50 CHF   (Approx. 51 USD / 51 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

WESTERN ASIA MINOR, Uncertain. 5th century BC. Hemiobol (Silver, 6 mm, 0.29 g). Forepart of a sphinx to left. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. Klein -. Rosen -. SNG Kayhan -. Harshly cleaned, otherwise, good very fine.

Ex Savoca 22nd Silver E-Auction, 29 April 2018, 104 and Savoca E-Auction 17, 20 July 2017, 100 (both as 'Samothrace').

Starting price: 50 CHF