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Lot number: 644

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Lot description:

Indo-Greek Kingdom, Menander I Soter AR Drachm. Circa 155-130 BC. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΜΕΝΑΝΔΡΟΥ, diademed bust to left, wielding spear, aegis on shoulder / 'Maharajasa tratarasa Menamdrasa' in Kharosthi, Athena Alkidemos standing to right, hurling thunderbolt and holding aegis; monogram to left. Bopearachchi 6C; Mitchiner 221d; SNG ANS 715-21; HGC 12, 187 corr. (illustration numbered 188). 2.29g, 15mm, 1h.

Very Fine.

From the Neil Collection.

Estimate: 40 GBP