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EGYPT. Alexandria. Galba, 68-69. Tetradrachm (Billon, 24.8 mm, 11.81 g, 11 h), year 1 = 68. ΛΟΥΚ ΛΙΒ ΣΟΥΛΠ ΓΑΛΒΑ ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒ ΑΥΤ / L A Laureate head of Galba to right. Rev. ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΕΑ Draped bust of Alexandria to right, wearing elephant-skin headdress. Dattari (Savio) 298-9. Geissen 217. K&G 17.1. RPC I 5326. Slightly rough, otherwise, very fine.
From the collection of Jean-Pierre Righetti.

Starting price: 100 CHF