Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 132Auction date: 30 May 2022
Lot number: 456

Price realized: Withdrawn
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Lot description:

Cnaeus Pompeius Junior and M. Minatius Sabinus. Denarius, Spain 46-45, AR 3.55 g. IMP – CN·MAGNVS Head of Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus r. Rev. PR·Q Personification of Corduba, turreted, standing r. amidst heap of arms, grasping with r. hand the hand of Pompeian soldier disembarking from ship; in exergue, M·MINAT / SABIN. Babelon Minatia 2 and Pompeia 11. C 5. Sydenham 1036b. T. V. Buttrey, ANSMN 9, 1960, p. 76, type A. Sear Imperators 49. RBW 1642. Crawford 470/1a.
Very rare. Light iridescent tone and good very fine

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Estimate: 2000 CHF