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Lot number: 267

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Lot description:

EGYPT. Alexandria. Galba, 68-69. Drachm (Bronze, 38.5 mm, 39.00 g, 12 h), year B = 2 = 68-69. ΣΕΡΟΥΙ ΓΑΛΒΑ ΑΥΤΟ ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒΑ Laureate head of Galba to right. Rev. L B Draped bust of Nike to right. Dattari (Savio) 322. Geissen 243. K&G 17.22. Milne 352. RPC 5346.3 (this coin). Very rare. Bold and impressive with a dark reddish-brown patina. Very fine.
From the collection of Jean-Pierre Righetti, ex Naville Numismatics 15, 7 June 2015, 298.

The figure of Nike on the reverse refers to Galba's initial victory in the Civil War. On the following drachm of Vespasian the same Nike must refer to Vespasian's triumph in the Jewish War.

Estimate: 2500 CHF