Roma Numismatics Ltd > Auction XXIIIAuction date: 24 March 2022
Lot number: 1140

Price realized: 6,000 GBP   (Approx. 7,910 USD / 7,187 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Anthemius AV Solidus. Rome, 12 April AD 467 - 11 July AD 472. D N ANTHEMIVS P F AVG, helmeted, pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust facing slightly to right, holding spear over shoulder and shield with horseman motif / SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Anthemius and Leo I, in military attire, standing facing, holding spears and supporting globus cruciger between them; ∗ in centre field, COMOB in exergue. RIC X 2816; Depeyrot 61/1; DOC 916; Lacam pl. CXVII, Class III, var. 2. 4.41g, 21mm, 12h.

Good Extremely Fine; 'Y' or 'V' graffito after mintmark, excellent for the type, the best to appear at auction since 2002. Extremely Rare.

This coin published in I. Vecchi, R. Beale and S. Parkin, The Mare Nostrum Hoard (forthcoming);
From the Mare Nostum Hoard (1954).

Estimate: 2000 GBP