Roma Numismatics Ltd > Auction XXIIIAuction date: 24 March 2022
Lot number: 1137

Price realized: 5,000 GBP   (Approx. 6,592 USD / 5,989 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Anthemius AV Solidus. Rome, AD 468. D N ANTHEMIVS P F AVG, helmeted, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing slightly to right, holding spear over shoulder / SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Anthemius and Leo I, in military attire, standing facing, holding spears and supporting a globus cruciger between them; ROMA monogram over pellet in centre field, •COMOB• in exergue. RIC X 2833; C. -; Lacam 48, pl. CXIII, variety 4.3 (this coin); Depeyrot 67/1; LRC -. 4.36g, 21mm, 6h.

Near Mint State; flan crack at 9h. Very Rare; in exceptional condition for the type.

This coin published in G. Lacam, La fin de l'Empire romain et le monnayage or en Italie (Luzern, 1983).
Ex Numismatic Fine Arts Inc., Auction XII, 23-24 March 1983, lot 514;
Ex Bank Leu AG, Auction 13, 29-30 April 1975, lot 521.

Estimate: 6500 GBP