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Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 392, Lot 667
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. temp. Mu'awiya I ibn Abi Sufyan. AH 41-60 / AD 661-680. AR Drachm (32mm, 3.90 g, 10h). Eastern Sistan Series. Sears Class II. SK (Sijistan) mint. Dated AH 46(?) in Pahlavi (AD 666/7). Crowned Sassanian style bust right; Allah walla 'awn, bismillah, and rabiin Arabic in outer margin / Fire altar flanked by attendants; star and crescent flanking flames; darb al-muharraqin Arabic in outer margin. SICA I, – ; Walker, Arab-Sasanian –; Album 76.2; ICV 71; Baldwin's Islami...
1 Mar 20171,900 USD
Stephen Album Rare Coins - Auction 27, Lot 1763
HONDURAS: BI 4 reales, 1851-T, KM-20a, assayer G, NGC graded MS64, ex Holland Wallace Collection. Estimate: 350-400 USD...
19 Jan 2017325 USD
Baldwin's Auctions Ltd | Dmitry Markov Coins & Medals | M&M Numismatics Ltd - The New York Sale XLI, Lot 2138
RUSSIAN COINS AND HISTORICAL MEDALS, MOLDOVA & WALLACHIA, Pattern 3 Denga 1771 S. 1130 gm. Bit 1267 (R1), KM Pn 1. Rare. Nice surfaces and very nice for the issue. Almost extremely fine Estimate: $ 1,000 Estimate: 1000 USD...
12 Jan 2017825 USD
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 388, Lot 659
MOLDAVIA & WALLACHIA. Period of Russian Occupation. 1771-1774. Æ 2 Para – 3 Kopecks (35mm, 16.40 g, 12h). Sadogur mint. Crowned arms of Moldavia and Wallachia / Value within corded quadrate frame. Diakov 1132; Bitkin 1249. VF, porous brown surfaces, typical weakness of strike, some roughness. Rare. Estimate: 100 USD...
14 Dec 2016160 USD
Jean Elsen & ses Fils S.A. - Auction 131, Lot 1020
RUSSIE, lot de 26 p. de Anna à Nicolas II, dont: Elisabeth, denga 1749, 2 kopecks 1757; Catherine II, kopeck pour la Sibérie, 1771, Suzun; Catherine II, para 1772 pour la Moldavie et la Wallachie; rouble 1773 (traces de monture); Paul Ier, 2 kopecks 1798AM, 1798EM; Alexandre Ier, 2 kopecks 1811EM, 1812EM, 1812M; Nicolas Ier, 5 kopecks 1831EM, 1833EM; 30 kopecks-2 zlote 1838MW; Alexandre II, 5 kopecks 1759BM; Nicolas II, rouble 1896, 1912. Beau à Superbe Fine - Extremely Fine Estimate: 300 EU...
10 Dec 2016650 EUR
Spink - Auction 16022, Lot 1124
Edward III (1327-77), Pennies (3), London, fourth coinage, pre-treaty series A, 0.86g, mm. cross pattée, edwardvs rex anglie, double annulet stops, Lombardic Ns both sides, rev. civi tas lon don, annulet above T, annulet in each quarter; A/C mule, 1.10g, rev. reversed Ns; C/A mule, 0.77g, angli, reversed N, rev. Lombardic Ns, double saltire after tas (LAL. 3, 1, 5; N.1136, 1136/1149, 1149/1136; S.1583, 1583/1584, 1584/1583; Stewartby p.264), the first and third smoothed, fair and rare, the se...
29 Nov 2016110 GBP
Spink - Auction 16022, Lot 1167
Edward III (1327-77), Halfpennies (2), London, fourth coinage, treaty period, B2 (2), 0.66g, mm. cross pattée, edwardvs rex an, no initial pellet, annulet stops, Lombardic Ns both sides, rev. civi tas lon don, annulet after don; another, 0.67g, with initial pellet (LAL.6var, 7; N.1275 (2); S.1635 (2); Stewartby p.267), the first toned, very fine and rare, the second weak in parts, nearly very fine (2). (i) Bt Spink, 1953(ii) W G WallaceR C Carlyon-BrittonBt E J Harris, November 2005 Estimate:...
29 Nov 2016130 GBP
Spink - Auction 16022, Lot 1182
Edward III (1327-77), Halfgroats (2), London, fourth coinage, post-treaty period, 1.88g, mm. cross pattée, edwardvs rex angl z franc, saltire stops, Lombardic Ns, pellets above central lis, rev. mev, saltire stops, civi tas lon don, reversed Ns; 2.27g, rev. pellets in inner legend (LAL.7/20, 19; N.1288, 1289; S.1640, 1640A; Stewartby p.263), nearly very fine, very rare (2). (i) W G WallaceH A Parsons, Glendining, 11 May 1954, lot 291jR C Carlyon-BrittonBt E J Harris, November 2005(ii) Bt E J H...
29 Nov 2016450 GBP
Macho & Chlapovič - Auction 11, Lot 74
Wallachia, Transylvania Follaro (1360 - 1390) Genova, Overseas Possessions. Chilia, the fortress at Enisala, was located on the Danube River near Isaccea (Saqci) in Romania as Genovese control over the Ottoman Turks around 1400 Extremely rare! Walachei, Siebenbürgen Follaro (1360 - 1390) Genua, Überseebesitzungen. Chilia, eine Festung in Enisala, die sich auf dem Fluss Donau in der Nähe von Isaccea (Saqci) befand in Rumänien als Genueser Kontrolle osmanischen Türken um das Jahr 1400 Von aller...
14 Nov 20161,500 EUR
Numisor SA - Online Auction 8, Lot 923
Moldavia & Wallachia (Russia) 1773 Cu 2 Para / 3 Kopeks obv: 2 shield below crown, rev: denominations, VG or better, RARE Starting Price: 45 CHF...
14 Nov 2016Unsold 
Morton & Eden - Auction 82, Lot 7
Eastern Sistan Series, Khusraw II type, drachm, obv., in border: Allah walla 'awn – bismillah – rabbi, rev., in first quadrant of border: duriba bi'l-muharraq, 4.23g (Walker p.23, I.11; Album 76.2), very fine and very rare (£1000-1500)...
20 Oct 20161,300 GBP
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 111, Lot 191
ELIZABETH II, Perth Mint, display board with full-size uniface facsimiles on the mint's bullion coin range for 1994, features gold nugget issues in gold-plated copper of 1 kilo, ten, two and one ounce and half, quarter, one tenth and one twentieth ounce with designs of red kangaroos and whiptail wallabies; silver coin issues in silver-plated aluminium of one kilo, ten, two and one ounce with design of kookaburras; also platinum coin issues in silver-plated copper of one kilo, ten, two, one oun...
5 Apr 2016260 AUD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 111, Lot 586
WALLACE, James & Co., Wellington penny, 1859 (A.592). Dark brown patina, nearly very fine. Private purchase on 15th September 1987. Estimate: 150 AUD...
5 Apr 2016220 AUD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 111, Lot 587
WALLACE, James & Co., Wellington halfpenny, 1859 (A.593). Obverse rim die cud at 9 o'clock, dark brown patina, very fine and very scarce in this condition. Estimate: 370 AUD...
5 Apr 2016400 AUD
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